What is the Best Survival Food?

Just show me your test results! ↓ Let’s Better Define “Survival Food” Cattail roots and tree grubs can sustain you, but that’s not what we’re focusing on in this article. Let’s just assume that you would rather eat a survival food that tastes good, is easy to transport, and easy to prepare… shall we? This […]

Ken Onion Hits Another Home Run for CRKT

We ran across the CRKT booth while at the Outdoor Retailer show this year in Denver and mentioned to the CRKT team that we were interested in scoping out their latest in EDC concepts. Ryan from CRKT knew exactly what he wanted to show us. He introduced us to the Field Strip technology pioneered by […]

Buck Knives Reborn?

We met up with the Buck Knives crew at Outdoor Retailer in Denver a while back and they wanted to send us out some of their new line up for the old E2E inspection. Here’s what we found- Buck has some legit new models that put them squarely back in the conversation for relevant EDC […]

Taste Testing All Mountain House Meals

Mountain House Chili Mac

Interested in purchasing a supply of Mountain House meals but you don’t have the time, means, desire, or ability to test them and determine your favorites? Old Rusty and Chris are here for ya. We did exactly this and documented the results for you. BEWARE: Recognize that we did our best to objectively rate the […]