Just starting the testing, but…

In the realm of survival and outdoor preparedness, having reliable fire-starting tools is paramount. While traditional Bic lighters have been a staple for many, plasma lighters offer a modern alternative that boasts several, and potentially switch-worthy advantages. Below are key reasons why plasma lighters (like the S.O.L. Fire Lite) might just be superior to Bic lighters in various survival scenarios.

1. Weather Resistance:

2. Longevity and Rechargeability:

3. Durability:

4. Versatility:

5. Safety:

6. Eco-Friendly:

7. Usability in High Altitudes:

Conclusion: Plasma lighters offer numerous advantages over traditional Bic lighters in survival and outdoor scenarios. The biggest perks we see so far is the weather resistance, rechargeability, durability and altitude usefulness. We’ll keep testing the tech to see what we think over time, but for now… plasma lighters look like they earned a space in the in the fire kit.

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