Exposure is the #1 KILLER in outdoor emergency situations. Knowledge of temporary and permanent shelter is critical.


Whether it’s fire in the wilderness or electricty in the home, energy makes life better. Master it and you master the elements.


Most of us need water to live. Learn to properly procure, purify, and store it.


Modern man gets hangry after missing a few meals. Not learning how to obtain food and not storing it now will lead to many more than a few missed meals.


Security is a basic human physiological and psychological need. Without security, there is no society.


Communications aren’t just necessary for peace-of-mind. Effective and reliable communication offers a significant tactical advantage.


 No body wants to live in funky town. Staying clean helps people to stay positive and to stay alive.


A minor scrape can turn into a life-threatening injury if not treated. Medical training saves lives and makes a person a tremendous asset in their community.


All work and no play makes a prepper and their family dull indeed. Living is a lot more fun when you have fun.


The comforts and advantages we enjoy today are because of a community. Going it alone is often the worst choice possible.


If a disaser severely interupts our supply chain, we’ll simply build another one. Learn how to build the best supply chain now.


Technology makes moving bodies and objects easy. Think through accomplishing the same task without modern equipment doing it for you. 


The ability to navigate and travel safely has been the difference between life and death for thousands of years. Learn navigation and choose life.


How will you help rebuild society if you don’t know how to build? Even a rudimentary understanding of woodworking will turbo boost your construction effectiveness.