Interested in loading up your Peak Refuel / backpacking style emergency food but want to see what it looks like and how it might taste first? Rusty and Chris and Chris will help you with just this. We tried all of Peak Refuel’s standard option for you.

BEWARE: Though we tried to remain objective and rate these meals on a 1–5 scale, comparing them to similar non freeze dried options, our own bias will impact the scores. If you really like a particular meal type and don’t agree with our assessment, try it yourself! You may love it.

Below is the video we shot for this taste-testing. You will then see the table below with our scores. 

Watch us compare all PEAK REFUEL meals


Our 1–5 scores for each PEAK REFUEL meal

ITEMRusty ScoreChris ScoreAVERAGE
Strawberry Granola454.5
Mountain Berry Granola433.5
Biscuits & Sausage Gravy444
Breakfast Skillet333
Beef Chili Mac333
Three Bean Chili Mac 343.5
Sweet Pork & Rice544.5
Beef Pasta Marinara544.5
Chicken Teriyaki Rice333
Butternut Dal Bhat555
Cheesy Chicken & Broccoli444
Chicken Pesto Pasta 454.5
Chicken Coconut Curry 444
Beef Stroganoff555
Homestyle Chicken & Rice 555
Chicken Alfredo Pasta555
Brownie Bites 433.5
Cookie Bites343.5

We hope this review and comparison aids you in this important decision. We know these meals aren’t cheap. But overall, we feel it’s worth it to have 3 days–one week’s worth of these meals per person in your household in case you need to flee your home for any reason — tornado, fires, tsunamis, zombies, or whatever else. 


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