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We love Christmas here at Equip 2 Endure (Santa Rusty 🎅 is particularly fond of it). So… we are partnering with manufacturers we believe in to put together top-quality kits to give away to our fantastic followers. Ho Ho Hoooo Baby!

This year, we are assembling a complete wilderness kit and a complete EDC kit to give away. We will draw two winners — the first winner will get to choose either the wilderness kit or the EDC kit, the second will get the other option.

RULES FOR ENTRY 1) You must live in the continental United States (shipping is ridiculous outside the states AND some things we may not even be allowed to ship) 2) Sign up for our newsletter below.* 3) Watch our videos and your email closely because we will continue to show what is being added to the kits AND we will notify you if you won via the email address you provide. If you don’t reply within 24 hours, we will move on to the next person.

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(As we release videos discussing each included piece of gear, it will be added to the list below)

Wilderness Kit


*In order to make this awesome giveaway happen, we will share your email address with the companies who contribute the giveaway gear. This should be no big deal for you though because if you’re into these kinds of products, you won’t mind getting emails from them anyway. And clicking “unsubscribe” is NOT very difficult.