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E2E Membership Update, New Support through FairPlay Network
September 13, 2014
As you guys know, we try to monetize and pay for Equip2Endure through advertising on YouTube, but YouTube advertising really can’t do enough and many people find the ads annoying. If you like our materials I’d like you to sponsor our work through the Fairplay network with a contribution of 5-cents every time you watch one of our videos. It’s a small amount but it makes a huge difference in our world and we can deliver new videos to sponsors without any annoying ads. Click “sponsor now” to create a Fairplay account. To get stated it’s a $1 deposit! It takes less than a minute to open an account and then Equip2Endure receives five-cents from your account each time you watch one of our videos. Thanks for watching, we really appreciate your support, we can’t do it without you, and thanks for being part of the Equip2Endure community. You guys take care, be safe out there and remember, if you’re not always prepared, you’re never prepared.

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