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hobby (3 photos)
Updated Friday at 10:51 by Daniel Del Vecchio · More photos by Daniel Del Vecchio

Esee 4 (6 photos)
Updated 15 April at 16:19 by John Baker · More photos by John Baker

For Trade (3 photos)
Updated 14 April at 12:15 by Jonathan Gordon · More photos by Jonathan Gordon

Items to be posted on the forum for trade

my self contained survival kit (1 photo)
Updated 14 April at 02:53 by David Leiter · More photos by David Leiter

This is my attempt at using the knowledge and information that I have picked up to put together a 72 hr + bag. While I realize that my best asset is my mind and experience, this would be the gear augmentation to ensure an intended or unexpected but unavoidably long...

Paracord training. (4 photos)
Updated 13 April at 23:30 by Ed Lafortune · More photos by Ed Lafortune

A lot cheaper if you do it yourself. Not as nice as Ryan's products, he's an artist for sure!

New Tools/kit (2 photos)
Updated 13 April at 22:25 by Ed Lafortune · More photos by Ed Lafortune

Koi Fish Cloud Dust pouch in the making (7 photos) 11
Updated 11 April at 07:59 by David Weiss · More photos by David Weiss

Free handed tooling design of a Koi Fish in fresh water. Oak leaf tooling leather 4-5 oz. leather , dyed in three different colors.

bladesmithing stuff (13 photos) 1
Updated 07 April at 04:29 by James Savage · More photos by James Savage

some forged blades, some finished or not, and some of the tools i use for it.

Random 3 (2 photos)
Updated 04 April at 09:06 by Zach Grider · More photos by Zach Grider

Hand saw leather sheath (8 photos) 21
Updated 04 April at 07:41 by David Weiss · More photos by David Weiss

Oak leaf tooling leather, free hand tooling of Oak leaves and two acorns With snap Dangler and different options to carry.

1049 member photo albums · Page 1 of 105 · 12345...105
Emberlit Stoves
The Emberlit Camp Stove (pat pend) is a lightweight, compact, wood burning stove that doesn't require you carry any fuel. It packs completely flat at about 1/8th in thick, weighs only 11.3 oz, and is 100% Made here in the USA from stainless steel. The
from Doom & Bloom
No other bag exists in the world like this one. Comprehensive medical survival bag from Doom & Bloom!
SURVIVAL! The Board Game
From Doom and Bloom!
What, no zombies? A survival game with a realistic post-pandemic setting where you scavenge, scout, and survive attacks by raiders.
Active Shooter Response System
Echo Sigma
10% Off with "E2E10" Designed in conjunction with Federal Law Enforcement officers, the Echo-Sigma Active Shooter Response System (ASRS) provides the tools and gear that you need to properly approach an Active Shooter scenario.
YouTube Product Videos
Schrade's YT channel features product videos describing and showcasing the new Schrade gear.
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