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An e-mail from Paul Scheiter, Designer of the Blackbird SK - 5
By Andrew Abbott
24 November 2012 at 08:39
Hey, it's Paul here from Hedgehog. I've been quiet on sending emails for a while because we have been so busy in the workshop building sheaths. That said, I want to break stride for a minute to share something with you.

Just the other day, one of our customers posted an "open letter" to me about his ordeal with Hurricane Sandy, and how the Blackbird SK-5 Knife played a critical role in the recovery effort.

This gentlemen went to help a friend who lost his home *AND* business in the storm... both were completely leveled. After reading the complete story I feel a strange mix of empathy, inspiration and pride. This guy lost everything, yet his friends banded together to support him. In my book they are heroes.

The fact that the Blackbird SK-5 Knife I designed was the tool they used in the recovery, fills me with pride.

I hope you enjoy reading it. Here is the link:

Paul Scheiter

Designer of Blackbird SK-5 Knife

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