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* Coming Spring 2012
Equip 2 Endure offers a Premium Membership for those who desire the most complete experience. This is not a special club and there is no secret handshake. Premium Membership is not for the person with a casual interest in the outdoors. Equip 2 Endure Premium Members will receive access to the benefits and training needed to carry their wilderness learning and preparation to a level few others experience. Premium articles, videos, classes, giveaways, and one-on-one assistance from Equip 2 Endure trainers and instructors will allow the premium members to become premium outdoorsmen.

Premium Plus members will have full access to extended features to maximize their networking and learning experience. Along with additional discounts and extra customization features, Premium Plus Members will not be restricted by content limits. Along with Private E2E Class eligibility, and access to E2E Events, the Premium Plus Membership is designed for the E2E Team Member who wants to get the most out of the E2E community experience. Above all, Premium Plus Members get the satisfaction of knowing they give back to the Equip 2 Endure Community with their support.