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WarBonnet Ridgerunner Hammock and SuperFly Tarp: Part 1, by Equip 2 Endure 16
Giveaways · Podcast · Shelter · Sleeping
Added Sunday at 20:23

Adam shows you his setup with a WarBonnet Ridge Runner Hammock ( and SuperFly Tarp (


Product Specs:

Ridge Runner Hammock:

Color: Olive Brown

Weight capacity: 250 Lbs

Hammock weight (webbing/buckles): 1 lb. 4.5oz

Hammock weight (whoopies): 1 lb 1.5oz.

Spreader Bar weight: 12 oz.

Fabric: 1.1oz/30D Nylon (x2)

Price: $125

Super Fly Tarp:

Item weight: 1 lb...

Kit Vs Item Discussion and Anti Earthquakes: E2E Podcast Episode 324 12
Channel · Fire · Firearms · Gear · Kits · Knives · K9 · Packs/Pouches · Podcast · Rants/Discussions · Reviews · Sleeping · Tests
Added Friday at 13:00

Dogwood Custom Knives

Live Fire Gear LLC:

Channel Update:

BioLite Camp Stove, Gear Test and Overview by Equip 2 Endure

Question of the Day: Gear Versatility: Kit Mentality vs. Item Mentality


French scientists are working on an acoustic earthquake shield

Gun tracking bracelets are something the Justice Department (DOJ) wants!

KickStarter Updates:

The Rama...

550 FireCord KickStarter Update, Thanks to a Winning Team! 5
Channel · Fire · Gear
Added Friday at 11:42 550 FireCord is the next evolution in outdoor gear preparedness. 550 parachute cord or "paracord" has been the standard go-to for most cordage needs as it has tons of utility. From zipper pulls and handles to keychains, bracelets and lanyards and as simply as lashing.

Mystery Ranch 3 Day Assault Pack Part 2: Load Out by Equip 2 Endure 2
Clothing · Fire · Gear · Giveaways · Kits · Medical · Packs/Pouches · Podcast · Reviews · Shelter · Sleeping · Survival · Tools
Added Friday at 09:42

Adam gets out in the field with the 3 Day Assault Pack from Mystery Ranch ($325+).


Product Links

3 Day Assault Pack:

Thermarest Sleeping Bag:

Large Hunter Axe:

Warbonnet Tarp:

German Poncho

Kleen Kanteen:

GSI Canteen Cup

Fire Kit -

Live Fire -

Thermarest Pillow:

Utility Flame:

550 FireCord:

Thermrest Bed Pad:


From Mystery Ranch


Need Your Help! Treble Hammock and Element Shield KickStarter by Equip 2 Endure 12
Fire · Gear · Sleeping
Added 14 April at 11:07

I found this project while I was doing some research for the 550 FireCord, I thought it would be a great piece of gear, especially when I take my kids camping. Just wanted to share this project with you all to see if we can help them get to...

BioLite Stove Part 3, Head to Head Test and Fail by Equip 2 Endure 3
Fire · Reviews · Survival · Tests
Added 14 April at 09:47

This item has caused a little more drama than normal, so I have deiced to only share this video on the site. Those of you who want to understand my issue with this item will see them, those who have already made up their mind will not. I...

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LT Wright Handcrafted Knives, Genesis First Look by Equip 2 Endure 14
Fire · Giveaways · Knives · Podcast · Reviews · Tests
Added 13 April at 12:30

Adam recently received a knife from LT Wright from his new new company, LT Wright Handcrafted Knives (

). LT sent Adam his flagship knife, The Genesis (, for test and review. This particular Genesis has been crafted with the Blue Firefly scales from Dan Eastland at Dogwood Custom...

BioLite Camp Stove Part 2, Charging Test and Review by Equip 2 Endure 83
Fire · Food · Giveaways · Kits · Podcast · Reviews · Tests
Added 11 April at 11:46

BioLite recently sent Adam a Biolite Campstove for test & review. Here is part 2 of the review - Charge Test & Final Review. Stay tuned for the giveaway!


From BioLite:

The BioLite Wood Burning CampStove combines the benefits of a lightweight backpacking stove and an off-grid power charger so...

Uncle Dan's Kichen: Cooking the Dogwood Way by Equip 2 Endure 35
Channel · Food · Giveaways · Knives · Podcast · Skills
Added 08 April at 09:15

Adam recently visited Dan Eastland of Dogwood Custom Knives ( at his home. In this video, Dan prepares a delicious meal of Pastrami Seasoned Salmon, Artichokes, and Salad. Check Dan's site in the near future for the full recipe.

Dan plans on setting up a YouTube channel...

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Bug Out Bags Rant and 550 FireCord KickStarter: E2E Podcast Episode 323 3
Fire · Podcast · Rants/Discussions
Added 04 April at 17:00

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