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BPA linked to behaviour problems in new Statistics Canada study 1
Food · Medical · News
Posted 22 August at 16:34 (updated 3 months ago) by Adam Francis

Hmmm, I guess I made a good point... Staff
Published Wednesday, August 19, 2015 11:10AM EDT
Last Updated Wednesday, August 19, 2015 6:49PM EDT
Canadian kids and teens with high levels of bisphenol A, or BPA, in their urine, are more likely to have behaviour problems, a new Statistics Canada study has found.

BPA linked to behaviour problems in new Statistics Canada study and while the researchers...


Who took the Bush out of Bushcraft?? 66
From The Editor · Wilderness Adventures
Posted 10 August at 03:53 (updated 3 months ago) by James Montana

Who took the bush out of Bushcraft?

It used to be that the skills associated with survival and bushcraft were a means to a larger end. Adventurers,
explorers, mountain men and pioneers relied on these skills to aid them in their pursuit. It was the way you survived
the adventure, and that’s what man really is all about, adventure. But it seems now the adventure is gone, an all but a forgotten...


The Lost Art of the Trip Itinerary 13
Members Only · News
Posted 07 June at 08:13 (updated 4 months ago) by Adam Francis

Trip Itinerary:
Here is a short, quick, and easy list of information to leave with a RESPONSIBLE friend or relative prior to leaving on a long trip.  Itineary were once a common place concept that has slipped away to the land of Lost Good Habits.  Most likely due to cell phones and more prevalent commerce transportation.  Unfortunately, if you are reading this Blog, you most likely want to venture in the wild.  The unknown availabilty...


Ti2 Whar-Biner - KickStarter find - ending soon!
Posted 20 March at 10:53 (updated 8 months ago) by Pamela Francis

The Whar-Biner is a purpose built titanium utility carabiner designed for every day carry - EDC - Multi - Tool


KickStarterFind: EZ Hygiene "Wash-Pak" (re-release)
Emergency Preparedness
Posted 17 March at 10:07 (updated 8 months ago) by Pamela Francis


KickStarter Find: Patriot Playing Cards
Gear · Survival
Posted 26 February at 13:15 (updated 9 months ago) by Pamela Francis

From the makers of Conflicted: The Survival Card Game.

The Patriot Playing Cards and the Patriot sculpture were made in remembrance of the American Colonials who believed in the ideals of the American Founding Fathers, and became a free people through their own personal sacrifice. They risked it all to leave a legacy of freedom to their families and to those who they would never know.

Learn more...


Bourbon virus 2
Emergency Preparedness · Medical · Survival
Posted 14 February at 17:04 (updated 9 months ago) by Adam Francis

Bourbon virus

Bourbon virus (BOUV), is a newly discovered tick-borne virus first isolated in a Bourbon County, Kansas man who died after contracting it.[1][2] There is currently no treatment or vaccine for it.[3]

BOUV is a type of thogotovirus, which is in the Orthomyxoviridae family of RNA viruses. This is the first time that a thogotovirus has been identified in the Western Hemisphere.[4][5] The Bourbon virus is related to viral genomes...


Survival Rings 11
Posted 11 February at 19:41 (updated 9 months ago) by Pamela Francis

Wearable lifesaving survival rings that can start a fire, when you cant.
When you find yourself in the woods, it’s raining and cold you're trying to start a fire. Your matches are wet, lighters are no where to be found kindling is wet. What do you do, freeze? No. You have a set of Survival Rings that you can wear every day. Without weight being added to your pack or matches to loose or get...


The Amazing Campfire In A Can at last a 2-in-1 campfire!
Gear · Survival
Posted 06 February at 11:57 (updated 9 months ago) by Pamela Francis

The Amazing Campfire In A Can at last a 2-in-1 campfire!

Whether you’re in your backyard, at the campground, or anywhere in between, The Amazing Campfire In A Can is the easiest, most convenient way to enjoy a campfire! Featuring a compact, self contained design that makes it simple to transport and store, Campfire In A Can is also the world’s first portable multi fuel campfire! Capable of burning wood, charcoal, or propane...


KickStarter Find: Intra-Nets 2
Posted 19 January at 21:41 (updated 10 months ago) by Pamela Francis

What are Intra-net(s) you ask? They are multi-use nets that can be attached to almost anything, and enjoyed pretty much everywhere. Use them in the forest, near the beach, in your backyard with your kids, or even in a parking lot! Hang your intra-net between two trucks while tailgating. String it up in a forest and read a book. Bring an intra-net to a music festival and share a...


419 blog posts · Page 1 of 42 · 12345...42