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About Equip 2 Endure
Equip 2 Endure is the fusion of varying topics including Wilderness Survival, the Outdoors, Camping, Hiking, K9 Training and Emergency and Survival Preparedness. We strive to bring the most modern examples of survival preparedness, gadgets, trends, training and news to our audience as well as offer open lines of communication for group collaboration and idea sharing.
We offer our audience detailed and informative views at several varieties of product testing and review by analyzing their strengths and weaknesses. Our training courses offered are geared towards the basic outdoorsperson to the wilderness adventurer. Our courses include Survival Training - Primitive Tracking, Trapping and Hunting - K9 Training and much more. We also conduct industry interviews and event coverage including Shot Show and Blade Show.
Our overall goal is to introduce and encourage our audience to have a survival mindset and to be practically prepared for anything.
Remember: If you're not always prepared, you're never prepared!

Adam Francis
Adam is the founder and owner of Equip 2 Endure LLC. He is the creator and author of hundreds of informative and educational videos, podcasts, and articles. Equip 2 Endure encompasses multifaceted topics to include; wilderness/urban survival, bushcrafting, K-9 and firearm training, general outdoor adventuring, professional and leadership development.

Along with his wilderness survival training, he is an avid hiker and camper, frequenting the Appalachian Trail located near his home. He was introduced to outdoor and firearms training at an early age; his Mother and Step-Father, being a large influence on him as passionate fishermen, hunters, and outdoorsmen themselves.

Adam has maintained a disciplined focus on the art of firecraft, bushcraft, construction of primitive shelters, and emergency survival training. Using Equip 2 Endure, he has developed training mythos on both philosophical theory and scientific principle. Adam has outlined and refined his concepts of survival and self reliant theories in reference to the Equip 2 Endure teaching and training system. What separates Equip 2 Endure from other mainstream organizations is our focus on the theory of the “Survival Economy of Resources”, giving and applying the most efficient and effective teaching methods to maximize the learning process of our students.

Furthermore, his Law Enforcement experience includes training in Weapons of Mass Destruction Protection Protocols, Risk Analysis and Chemical Threats Training, Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings, and Incident Command System. He has been awarded several commendations and awards for his service as a Law Enforcement Professional. Adam is an expert marksman, having been awarded top ranking in his class and has expert training in several weapons systems to include but not limited to: the Glock 23 semi-automatic pistol, M4 carbine assault rife, HK MP5 machine pistol, HK UMP40 machine pistol, Remington 870 Shotgun.

Prior to his Law Enforcement career, Adam majored in Philosophy and Criminal Justice during his undergraduate studies. Adam has studied martial arts for many years with Nga Mi Son Phat Gia Quyen, a traditional martial arts sect, and later studied under the tutorage of Master Ken Pham, owner of Dark Lotus Combat Arts for over 10 years. His interests include philosophy, logic, ethics, theology, psychology, theoretical physics, history, and art. Adam is passionate about contributing to several non-profit organizations and other charitable endeavors; such as Paws and Stripes, Veteran Outdoors, and other local charitable programs and fraternities.

Adam resides in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Pennsylvania with his (super-supportive) wife (who allows him to go out on his outdoor adventures and his E2E excursion), three young daughters and their personal-protection trained German Shepherd, (and our celebrity K-9) Ace Zarr Francis Z-Vom Kraftwerk.

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Adam Francis

Robert Oliver
Robert was born and raised in eastern North Carolina. A good bit of his childhood was spent on his Grandparents dog farm, where he learned the fundamentals of dealing with dogs and understanding their behavior. Robert Oliver
Later in life, Robert entered into Law Enforcement where he had over a decade of service. While serving as an officer, he had the pleasure of being assigned to a K9 position where his dedication to dogs only grew stronger. Robert and his dog went on to hold numerous certifications in various related K9 skills, such as Narcotics, Tracking, Obedience, and Handler Protection. He later went on to pursue educational opportunities in pet dog training where he learned all aspects of dog training from dog psychology to personal protection dogs.
Being lucky enough to have daily access to the great outdoors on his grandfathers farm, Robert was hunting, fishing, and camping at a very young age. This early start coupled with the guidance and teachings from his Father and Grandfather instilled a lifelong love with the woods and nature. Robert is a Husband and a father of two wonderful children.

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Paul Wilde
Although born in Yorkshire, it was whilst growing up in the Scottish Highlands that Paul really discovered his love for the outdoors. As a youth, every available moment was spent out building makeshift shelters and practicing fire techniques. After relocating back down to the East Midlands in England, Paul continued practicing Bushcraft – although he didn’t know it was called that at the time – at every available opportunity, and spent many weekends as a teenager hiking across the Peak District, the Dales, and the Brecon Beacons in Wales.

Whilst at college, Paul worked as an instructor on their student outward bound program, helping to teach wilderness survival and basic land navigation, and discovered that he thoroughly enjoyed teaching and sharing knowledge. After spending some time with the British Army, Paul learned core values that he still carries with him today, including the value of teamwork and strong leadership. Subsequently, Paul began a new career in IT which took him far and wide, first back to his native Yorkshire, then to the United States, and finally to Canada, but he never lost his passion for the wilderness – always reading related books and articles, watching videos, and teaching himself through constant trial and error.

In addition to running a fledgling software company and serving as the chief code monkey for, Paul works part-time as an assistant instructor with School in the Woods, a bushcraft and survival school based just outside Toronto. Since being in Canada Paul has studied bushcraft with such respected names as Doug Getgood, Caleb Musgrave, and the legendary "Grandfather of Bushcraft" Mors Kochanski, and is Red Cross Advanced Wilderness First Aid trained.

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Paul Wilde

Andrew Abbott
Andrew Abbott was born into a military family and currently resides in Arizona. He has lived all over the United States to include Colorado, New Mexico and Alaska and has had the opportunity to travel abroad in Europe, Spain, Mexico and Canada. He has spent many years in various climates of all extremes camping, fishing and hiking. When he turned 17 he found himself living in a small town in upstate New York where he learned his love for hunting and outdoor survival. He currently chases big game all over the state of Arizona, with aspirations to hunt all over the US. He also loves spending time on the Arizona Jeep trails, in his old Wrangler, and hanging in his hammock reading a book.

Growing up, Andrew received multiple awards for his interests in academic research. His first official publication occurred in the fourth grade when he won the Judges’ Award Research Essay. A direct result of this award was being published in the Children’s Writing and Art Festival book. As Andrew progressed with his academia work, he became interested in newspaper journalism. Over the years he has published multiple articles on various topics to include some original poetry. His writings have appeared in the local newspapers of both Arizona and New York. While Andrew enjoyes writing, he decided that he really wanted to pursue his true passion before entering college; Law Enforcement.

Andrew currently works in Law Enforcement and has had some interesting experiences during his time there. He has been assigned to multiple units and has specialized training in custody operations, high risk transports, Superior Court operations, task force details, and unit procedural guidelines. He is also trained in chemical agents, Taser, Pepperball launcher, the Glock 21semi-automatic pistol, Remington 870 shotgun, suicide awareness and prevention, CPR, excited delirium, criminal street gangs, defensive tactics and is a general instructor. Before entering law enforcement, Andrew received a degree in Criminal Justice.

In Andrews spare time, he enjoys honing in on his bushcraft and firecraft skills. Living in Arizona, his training has a little learning curve due to the desert climate and seasonal restrictions. He much prefers the climate that you can find on the east coast; such as the Adirondack Mountains. In late 2011 Andrew traveled to Pennsylvania to assist as an apprentice with Equip 2 Endure, LLC. He is an inspiring instructor in wilderness survival, and is passionate about teaching the importance of proper preparedness to include his special focus in the study of survival and emergency hydration in reference the application of the climate in which you are in.

When Andrew is not busy running around the state, he is also employed to work personal protection details and campus safety for a private organization. If there is one thing Andrew knows for a fact; never waste an opportunity to get outdoors, as you never know when your next chance will be.

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Andrew Abbott

Bobby Plude
Bobby first obtained an interest in survival at an early age. He loved listening to stories from his grandfather, A State Forest Ranger in the Adirondack Mountains, about people who became lost in the mountains, and not having the basic skills to survive.

During his childhood, Bobby began spending much of his time in the outdoors with his older brothers; hunting game, fishing, hiking, camping, and trapping. During this time he also trained in other disciplines such as primitive shelter building and the art of firecraft. As a young man, Bobby collected and studied a wide variety of poisonous and nonpoisonous reptiles and arachnid species. Bobby also became extensively knowledgeable in medicinal plants and wild edibles. He found it to be extremely helpful due to his ever endearing passion for expanding his knowledge of survival skills, self-reliance and the wilderness that surrounded him.

As an adult he became a member of the Civil Air Patrol in both the Adirondack Mountains of New York and the Green Mountains in Vermont. He spent 5 years in the state of Florida, studying survival skills specifically focused on swamp bio-regions. He is also an experienced fisherman who has participated and placed in several fishing competitions around the country.

Bobby is a certified Survival Instructor with over 25 years of training and 10 years of experience teaching and managing survival schools. He also is a skilled craftsman of primitive long bows (his preferred method of hunting), flint knapping, primitive knives, and arrowheads. With all of his experience and knowledge, Bobby has a true passion to teach as a volunteer instructor for Doe Camps and Outdoor Shows. He feels that teaching others, especially women and children, survival techniques and hunter education is a critical aspect of a getting more people into the great expanse of our wilderness.

As a retired Corrections Officer from New York State with over 25 years of service, Bobby has specialized training in chemical agents, baton, handguns, shotguns, rifles, suicide awareness and prevention, and unarmed defensive tactics. Bobby is a veteran martial artist with over 40 years of experience, a B-Licenced Skydiver with over 150 jumps, and also enjoys knife designing. Bobby is the proud father of two daughters whom have followed in their fathers’ footsteps and are well experienced in wilderness and survival skills, and two step sons who he hopes will do the same.

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Bobby Plude

Madison Parker
Madison Parker is the lead instructor for E2E Training at the Florida Training Center. His primary focus is on primitive survival techniques and primitive technologies. Madison has a passion for handcrafting and hunting with primitive weapons and artifacts which include: arrows, spears, plant fiber technologies, snares, bows/ arrows, backpacks, pouches, and especially his sling shots.

In 1969 Madison joined the United States Navy and began an honorable 12 year career. During his 12 years, he was assigned to such prestigious units as the Special Warfare Group One and Seal Team One. His training included, but was not limited to: basic underwater demolition/ Seals (BUDS), Jungle Environmental Survival Training (JEST), UDT/Combat Swimmer Training, Army Ranger Training in Winter Warfare/Survival, Army Airborne, Jungle Survival - Panama Canal, and Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape (SERE) school.

In 1981 Madison decided to get out of the Navy because he wanted to follow his true passions in life; teaching primitive and survival skills. Madison started a survival/field craft school under the name of Bullet Proof Primitive Supply. He approaches all of his training in the art of field craft with a traditional mind set. As of late, Madison has been perfecting his primitive hunting and gathering techniques. He finds a real challenge in making his own weapons; such as slingshots, bows/arrows and hand forged steel and stone spears and then utilizing these same tools to hunt with, exclusively.

Madison has trained students from all over the world. He spent several years teaching classes to the public and then had an opportunity to exclusively train some of our nations finest service members; specifically, the SEALs for the last 10 years. While Instructor Parker trains in all of the tradition field craft skills, his training courses are anything but traditional. The best explanation to give would be; unconventional. Like all of the E2E Training mythos, each course has three primary criteria: informative, interesting, and excitement. He always finds the final component, excitement, the most important, “FUN”.

Madison Parker

Bruce Pandoff
Bruce Pandoff is a wildland firefighter and geographer from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. He attended NMU for environmental conservation and human geography. While at Northern, he received training as a wildland firefighter and wilderness medical first responder. Working for the USFS as a fire technician, he most enjoyed getting to see the vast and varied landscapes of the United States and helping to protect our natural resources.

Having been introduced to the outdoors and camping by his former USMC father, Bruce got an early start as a bushcrafter. He credits his father with first introducing him to foraging edible plants, hunting, fishing, trapping, and his minimalistic philosophies. These skills were further expanded upon through hard study, experience, and training in wilderness livingcourses taught in the U.P.

Bruce enjoys using his primitive skills knowledge and is constantly researching the skills and methods of those living close to the earth around the world such as the Sami, Inuit, Kombai, and Menominee Indians. Through heavy emulation of hunter-gatherers, he takes a minimalist approach to bushcraft, often reciting his affirmation of his love and heavy use of plants with the mantra “plants don’t run!"

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Bruce Pandoff

Ryan Beckelman
Ryan Beckelman served in the United States Marine Corps Infantry for 6 years and is an Iraq War veteran. He has been a Law Enforcement Officer for eight years, a Firearms instructor for seven years, and an Active Shooter Instructor.

Ryan is well-versed with multiple weapon systems and is the Firearms subject matter expert for Equip 2 Endure.

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Ryan Beckelman

Ace Zarr Francis V Zom Kraftwerk
Ace is being offered for stud service to approved Dams. Ace Zarr Francis V Zom Kraftwerk, has correct structure to the breed standard, very good expression, defined ear set and a good strong masculine head with pronounced mask. Ace’s structure, color, drive and stability are a testament to the quality of his East German working heritage. Ace has proven his working ability and continues to impress all involved with his training.

A note from one of Ace’s Trainers:
Ace represents everything that I love about dogs, and is a wonderful example where the combination of bloodline and training can take you. I have trained dogs for over twenty years, and the opportunities to work with dogs of Ace’s quality are few and far between. The speed at which Ace can learn and adapt to new training is amazing. His ability to transition from fierce working dog to a gentle family companion is an absolute hallmark of this dog’s character. Ace has become the mark by which other dogs should be judged.

Robert C. Oliver Jr
Certified Master Trainer

Whether you are looking for puppies that will be utilized for working, showing or most importantly; a loyal loving family companion, Ace is the sire that can do this for you.

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